Medical Records

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UDMI requires that all medical record requests meet a strict standard as set forth in the HIPAA law.

Patients can request Protected Health Information “PHI”  in the form of written reports, order support documents and exam  images, both in person and remotely.


Medical records window is open from  9am through  5pm Mon-Fri.

A patient can request his or her “PHI”  IN PERSON during these hours and expect a short wait time once the order is complete. There may be a fee for your Medical records, we accept cash, checks*, and credit cards.           *Checks require a State id to be accepted.


UDMI will process orders for PHI when:

  • An order form with method of payment is completed and received.
    • A link has been provided below for the payment / order form.  Click Here
  • A completed and notarized NYS 960 form is received from the patient that supports the order.
    • A link has been provided below to print the NYS 960 form (with instructions).   Click Here

A UDMI medical records employee will follow up on the request with total cost information before your method of payment is executed. Please complete the order form with as many contact points as possible

Note, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the patient or their designated representative.

All requests must be sent via fax to 718.931.7947