CT stands for Computerized Tomography, which refers to the way this exam is performed. CT scan is an X-ray procedure which is enhanced by a computer. This results in a three-dimensional view (referred to as a “slice”) of a particular part of the body.

During a routine X-ray, dense tissues can block other areas. Aided by the computer, a CT scan is able to put together the different “slices” and create a three-dimensional view, clearly showing both bone and soft tissue.


We perform:

  • Conventional CT Scans Head and Neck
  • Sinuses and Temporal Bone
  • Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis
  • GU Tract
  • Spine
  • Extremity and Joints
  • CT Guided Biopsy
  • CT Angiography: Brain, Neck, Chest, Aorta
  • CT Screening: Lung, Virtual Colonoscopy, Coronary Artery Calcification Scoring




Exam Prep

Contrast Scan – any body part

No food or drink 4 hrs prior to exam (includes CT abdomen/pelvis non contrast studies)

CT Virtual Colonoscopy

Obtain instruction sheet and necessary prep kit prior to exam