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UDMI is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology to not only enhance our diagnostic ability but to also help make exams more comfortable for our patients. We are thrilled to announce that we have installed a cutting-edge 3T MRI machine that will be up and running this month. So, what exactly makes the 3T MRI so great? Keep reading to find out.

What is an MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to generate incredible images of the spine, brain, blood vessels, bones, and other soft tissue and organs.

These images are invaluable resources for doctors because they help them find disease or injury and plan appropriate treatments for their patients. Additionally, there are no known risks from an MRI scan as it is non-invasive and does not expose you to any radiation so it is permitted to have multiple MRI exams if necessary.

How is a 3T MRI Different Than a Traditional MRI?

A tesla is a unit of measurement quantifying the strength of a magnetic field. A 3 tesla or 3T MRI uses incredibly powerful magnets that generate a magnetic field that is twice as strong as our previous machine. This power leads to clearer, more complete images.

Furthermore, a 3T MRI is currently the fastest magnetic technology that exists.

Benefits of the 3T MRI

The most noteworthy benefits of the 3T MRI include:

  • Optimal Patient Comfort

Our 3T MRI machine has a 70 cm opening which is 4 inches greater than other 3T MRIs and up to 20% larger than our older MRI. This feature can help with feelings of claustrophobia and accommodate challenging anatomies. Also, depending on the exam, it may give you the opportunity to enter the machine feet first.

  • Faster Results

Our 3T MRI can complete scans faster than our older machine without compromising image quality. Additionally, it has technology that anticipates motion caused by breathing to deliver high-quality results without the need to hold your breath or repeat the exam.

  • More Detailed Images

With our 3T MRI, we can produce more detailed images of even the most intricate parts in your body. More detailed images can allow us to identify tiny lesions and anatomical structures that we may not be able to see with an older model.

But wait, there’s more!

At UDMI, you can get a scan with a view thanks to our new LED skylight. This unique feature will help put you at ease as you enter the machine for your exam.

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